Slight issue with skins on v1.7.x

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  • Hello, We recently just updated our forum and everything went fairly smoothly, except for one thing, the skins. We are using the default theme but we are having issues with he skins, Almost all of the skins have some sort of major issue, mainly causing certain important elements to become invisible, such as menu buttons, dropdowns, reply popup, etc. We have found two skins that appear to work fine. (Cerulean & Cyborg, Luckily one light and one dark) Right now we have had to fully disable skin selection for users and forced the Cerulean skin, Which as upset some users as some like the light themes and some le the dark ones.

    So my question is this, Is there some way we can either update the skins to work or possibly disable users from selecting specific skins?

    Side note: Were using the latest code on github from the x1.7.x branch as of yesterday. I can provide any other information as needed.

    NOTE: I think I actually posted this in the wrong area, Could someone perhaps move it to the correct category?

  • Changing skins to work with the theme isn't possible, and changing the theme to work with every possible skin is also not easy at all.

    Unfortunately supporting skins is a bit of a nightmare and many themes don't support skins at all.

  • Yes, I'm aware of this. Which is why I'm asking if there is a way for me for disable or delete certain skins so that our users can not use broken skins?

  • There isn't a way to do this currently as far as I know. Internally, we're moving away from skins in favor of built-in night modes in the themes themselves.

  • Do you have an estimated time this will be out? For the default nodebb theme at the least as we don't currently use a custom theme.
    As a side question, I know you can manipulate web pages with JS/JQuery but I dont use them, Would we be able to use JS/JQuery to modify the dropdown list in the user settings and remove specific dropdown items from the skins dropdown? This would perhaps work as a temporary solution.

    Edit: Ignore the above,I found the JS to hide them.
    Note For Others: You can use code below to hide specific skins from the dropdown menu
    $("#bootswatchSkin option[value='cosmo']").remove();

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