New feature request: Split the replying panel vertically

Feature Requests
  • Traditionally, the replying panel poops up horizontally as below


    I have to say it is great when you create a new thread. However, if you want to reply in some thread, usually you need to look at the previous post meanwhile to type something, which means you can not zoom in the replying panel in full-page view, typically what you have is the following window:


    Only in this way, you can see the USER's post, then type something to make a comment, otherwise you need to remember what he said clearly. But the panel is very small.

    This is because our screen is getting wider and wider instead of higher. In my personal opinion, it should be perfect that nodebb can include a switch that an administrator can choose the following layer:


    Personally I prefer this layer. I have no idea how much effort it would take. If it is just a piece of cake, why not to try? :🌝

    Thank you.

  • I've provided some custom CSS for this before:

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