Extra Commands Needed for Upgrade

  • Hey again guys.

    There are a few extra commands (as regards your upgrade documentation link in the dashboard) I needed to run on CENTOS7 to finish the upgrade process. Extra commits and npm install etc.

    I'm a beginner so some of these commands will look out of place to you. I trust that your expert eye will see what I had to do extra to resolve the conflicts I was getting and battle through the upgrade. You'll then be able to modify the upgrade page which hasn't been done in a long time.

    I'm restricted on the number of posts I can make so I just wanted to thank you here for the Slick upgrade. Everything working perfectly.

    All the best Billy

    543 sudo git fetch
    544 sudo git checkout v1.7.x
    545 sudo git commit -a
    546 sudo git config user.email ""
    547 sudo git config user.name "Billy"
    548 sudo git commit -a
    549 sudo git merge origin/v1.7.x
    550 sudo ./nodebb start
    551 sudo npm install
    552 sudo git merge origin/v1.7.x
    553 sudo ./nodebb start
    532 sudo git commit -a
    533 sudo git merge origin/v1.7.x
    534 sudo ./nodebb upgrade
    535 sudo ./nodebb start
    536 sudo npm install
    537 sudo ./nodebb upgrade
    538 sudo ./nodebb start
    539 sudo ./nodebb build
    540 sudo git checkout v1.7.x
    541 sudo git fetch
    542 sudo git merge origin/v1.7.x
    543 sudo nodebb start
    544 sudo ./nodebb start
    545 sudo ./nodebb stop
    546 sudo ./nodebb upgrade
    547 sudo ./nodebb build
    548 sudo ./nodebb start

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    @billygrande why are you committing? Did you make changes to files? Those steps are super convoluted, that shouldn't be necessary at all.

  • Hi PitaJ, I'm sure you are right but those are the commands I had to do to stop all the conflicts and get it running when using the instruction page that is linked from the dashboard of NodeBB.

    I can't remember the exact errors etc but it did instruct me to commit before I could proceed (try it yourself on a CENTOS 7 server). This is the second time I had to battle through to get it installed (running perfectly now). On the second time I panicked at one stage so was making some random commands because I couldn't remember how I'd got through it the first time (hence some jumbled up commands in the list). I'd rolled back to 1.6 because Slick wasn't working at first (and didn't backup 1.7.... what a dumbo) it was late and I was tired. When I got up this morning you guys had fixed Slick which I thank you again for!

    Anyway I didn't document everything but I figured as I'm using NodeBB for free I'd post the command history up as it might be useful to someone who knows what they are looking for.

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    The problem with doing all of these extra commands is that running git commands like this can mess up your installation for future updates etc.

    If I were you, I'd make a backup and run git reset --hard origin/1.7.x which will hopefully prevent any conflicts in the future.

  • Thanks much appreciated

  • Will i need to update/rebuild etc after that?

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    @billygrande yes, ./nodebb upgrade should do everything

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    One more thing:

    If you do have problems upgrading to 1.7.1 which will release next week, can you message me here, and I can help you remedy those issues permanently.

  • I certainly will thanks a lot

  • Is Slick going to work in 1.7.1 ?

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    @billygrande you should be able to run npm i nodebb-theme-slick@1.1.2 and that version of slick will work with NodeBB 1.7.0

  • Thanks I think I have that version already because I needed it for 1.7.0

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    Oh, yeah, sorry, I thought you said 1.7.0

    Yes, if it works with 1.7.0 it should work with 1.7.1

  • Hi
    Tried to run the hard git and got this :

    ambiguous argument 'origin/1.7.x': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.

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    My bad. I forgot the v. The full command should be git reset --hard origin/v1.7.x

  • Thanks should have spotted that myself

  • @pitaj Thanks for your response regarding plugin (I'm restricted on forum responses and my time is limited)

    Do I need to do a merge after this as I got some kind of message after the hard git mentioning that (forgot to copy it). I ran the hard git then an upgrade. Everything is working fine.

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    Hopefully you don't need to do anything for the upcoming v1.7.1 upgrade.

    In the meantime, can you do git status and paste the output of that? Maybe it will provide some useful information.

  • # On branch v1.7.x
    # It took 2.10 seconds to enumerate untracked files. 'status -uno'
    # may speed it up, but you have to be careful not to forget to add
    # new files yourself (see 'git help status').
    nothing to commit, working directory clean
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    @billygrande ok as far as I can tell, you should be good when upgrading to the next version. Of course, let me know if that's not the case.

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