Using Gmail as your mailer for NodeBB

  • As a new user of NodeBB I didn't find much info on getting the email side of the application working. Now that it is working well, here is how I did it using GMAIL

    • Create a new Gmail account or use an existing one. (if you use an existing account, your email address will be seen by your Nodebb users)

    • Turn on "two step verification" for this account by visiting your Gmail security page and clicking on the "Signing in to Google". You will receive a text message or two to verify the settings change.

    • Once "Two Step Verification" is enabled, goto this link Sign in using App Passwords and have a read. then click on this link to create an "app password", copy and save it for later.

    • Now we can go back to the NodeBB settings and choose "Email".

    • Enter your email address as the "Email address" in NodeBB

    • "From Name" can be anything you like

    • Enable the slider "Route emails through a GMAIL account"

    • Username is your GMAIL email address

    • Password is the "app password" you generated above.

    • Save the config and then restart NodeBB

    • Come back to the Nodebb email settings and press the test button, you should receive an email

    • All done! - ask any questions if you have them.

  • Global Moderator

    In 1.6.0 this will be easy to do with most email providers, not just Gmail.



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