how to remove live from a particular section

  • As all of us know that nodebb is an full fledged live forum and it's best for chitchat but the problem is that being fully live is causing trouble in other sections .

    For example -> Story section - here an member is reading the post made by the writer but at the same time if any other member post on that particular thread the whole page gets refresh and the individual is not able to read the writers post . How can we solve this problem
     Can we remove live from any particular section ?

    Or can I attach a link of other domain(site) to the particular section of nodebb so that if anyone opens the particular section he would be re-directed to that site of other forum

    I just want to know nodebb allows us to link any section of nodebb forum software with that of other site running on diff domain

  • Global Moderator

    That sounds like a bug.

  • how can i resolve

  • Global Moderator

    Open an issue on Github detailing reproduction steps.

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