Pictures not well-arranged automaticlly

  • Hello guys,

    I found nodebb can not arrange the pictures decently automatically. Let's just try to insert a pic: 0_1494308640868_2017-05-03 20-32-09屏幕截图.png then we type something. then we insert another pics: 0_1494308694746_2017-05-09 13-44-44屏幕截图.png Then we type something.

    Lets see the results.

  • see?

    Pictures and text are not well-arranged.

    A simple fix approach is to automaticlly insert the pictures in a new line, and add a blank line after it

  • Global Moderator

    Are you suggesting we add code to add flanking lines around images? I don't see the purpose of doing so since we have a live preview and people can just add the lines themselves if they don't like how it looks.

  • Yes.

    The live preview shows it good since the live preview is narrow (only left half of the window). When I post this thread, it is well-arranged in preview. However, it is not well-arranged after I posted it.

    This is what we run into with my forum. Many users would like to post pictures. Then I have to edit their posts in every thread.

  • This is from preview:
    0_1494312769018_2017-05-09 14-52-22屏幕截图.png


    However, please see my post before. It changed.

  • Admin

    We should follow the approach of other editors and see what they do.

    I believe when you drag and drop an image into a Gmail composer, it will insert it inline. That matches our behaviour...

  • Well, its just a mild suggestion.
    Most of the cases, users do not upload pictures.
    However, for a certain forum (e.g., my forum), they post lots of pictures. And it should be more user-friendly to arrange pictures automatically with flanking lines. Or, maybe nodebb could add a switch in the system management panel, then let the administrator to choose automatically arrange pics or not.




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