Move nodebb from another server

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  • Hello,

    Today I tried to move nodebb (mongo) from old server (Ubuntu) to new server (Centos)

    I used nodebb-backup here ( to backup and restore it to the new nodebb folder in new server.

    Everything work fine, all data restored. I have to copy extracted file from old backup to new uploads folder (/opt/nodebb/public/uploads).

    But the number of thread and post still not correct in forum index. All categories show number of thread and post as the new forum, but there are all threads and posts there.

    How to update the number of thread and post in forum index. And latest post also (i use Lavender theme)

  • @thanhtantran you might just want to copy the mongo database directly. Using nodebb-backup is probably missing some of the newer db keys. Look at the docs for backup in the upgrades to get an idea as to how to do the mongodump

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