./nodebb start not working

  • Hello!

    Whenever I try to run Nodebb using the nodebb control file, I get some weird behavior.
    Doing ./nodebb start does start a daemon which instantly exits. (Tested both on my local windows and on my distant debian)
    Since the beginning, I used node app but this prevents Nodebb from being able to restart through the admin panel.
    Using ./nodebb dev works fine (maybe because no daemon is used?) and it even allows me to restart from the admin panel but this is not a proper solution for production.

    I may need to specify that this is intended to be used with Docker so running it in background is not necessary. (Something equivalent to ./nodebb start running in foreground and allowing me to restart from the admin panel would still be fine)

  • Global Moderator

    @Telokis can you try ./nodebb slog and see if any errors occur? If ./nodebb dev works, ./nodebb start should, too, but obviously something fishy is going on.

  • @PitaJ It doesn't show anything in particular but it works so I'll use it in place of start.

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