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    @jim-bridger said in How do I update my custom theme?:

    Does that mean my theme would be listed in everyone elses plugin list? It's a custom theme for my site, not something I want to publish

    Yes, that is correct. Because you've published it to npm, our package manager automatically picks it up as an available theme and offers it for download to any other NodeBB.

    You can set nbbpm.index to false in your package.json, but this would also remove the theme from your plugins list.

    The easiest thing to do would be to publish the theme under your own namespace (agian, with nbbpm.index set to false), and then install it via the command line, as @pitaj suggested.

    e.g. npm i @jimbridger/nodebb-theme-mytheme

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    That's correct, you set it up with a mock database, and npm test inserts its own testing data and cleans up after itself when it's done. No need to have NodeBB running for the testing suite to run.

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    I just try to update the avatar, but it just request timeout error, and shows popup that connections is not ok.!
    api/post/upload 404 not found

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    @scottalanmiller So unfortunately none of the versions worked with our database any more. We even tried 1.11.2 and went back to 1.10.2 on mongodb 3.2 as well.

    Now, we've updated mongodb to 3.4 and picked up an old database backup to migrate from 3.2 to 3.4 on the latest nodebb (1.11.2). Its working properly now.

    However, a warning for people on older versions of mongodb when updating to 1.11.x onward.

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    i have an error when I try to upgrade v1.1.0 to v1.1.2

    0_1470912978713_Capture d’écran 2016-08-11 aΜ€ 12.55.06.png

    I am using benlulbar/nodebb docker package.

    Do you think it is an error on my database, or on the migration script code ?

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