v0.9.x to v1.x.x - database schema is too far out of date

  • I am finally able to upgrade an existing project to the latest version of NodeBB however, upon doing so I receive

    error: [upgrade] NodeBB upgrade could not complete, as your database schema is too far out of date.
    error: [upgrade]   Please ensure that you did not skip any minor version upgrades.
    error: [upgrade]   (e.g. v0.1.x directly to v0.3.x)

    I expected something like this after not upgrading in forever.

    Are there any way of getting up to date? Or am I stuck on v0.9.x? How would I revert back to it?


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    @SimonQ you'll have to upgrade iteratively, so like this:

    git checkout v1.0.0
    ./nodebb upgrade
    git checkout v1.1.0
    ./nodebb upgrade
    git checkout v1.2.0
    ./nodebb upgrade

    etc etc

  • @PitaJ Thank you!

    I followed the steps and after v1.4.0 when I checked back into v1.x.x and ran ./nodebb upgrade I received this error now:

    error: Build failed: Unexpected character ''

    It seems i only get this on v1.4.4 I reverted back to v1.4.3 and it seems to be fine for now

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