Any client-side hook before new topic submit?

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    @phenomlab thanks.. I have the plugin working..

    turn on moderation, set limit for reputation and number of posts. this will catch all those posts

    now, given a list of typical first user links our site, github, ...

    bypass moderation.. if no links or no links outside the list.

    otherwise into moderation as the default.

    now to build the admin for managing the list of 'good' urls
    now to learn ANOTHER language.. tpl.. ugh

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    I've been trying to get a few tweaks made on the fileownership plugin I started last week along with another of mine that is dependent upon its data and I've run into a wall.

    As posted last week, it was listening for the fileUpload hook. The problem with that is you end up putting data in the database for a file that might be decoupled from the message ( deleted, etc. ) and then you end up with file references cluttering the database.

    Today I moved it to the topicPost/topicReply filter. This was a little better in that I knew I was dealing with the final state of the attached files for an initial post/reply ( fails utterly with edits... ) message but the file has not been moved/cloned from "/tmp" to the nodebb filesystem making it difficult to get any metadata ( size, etc ) from the file.

    I tried moving it to the topicPost/topicReply actions, which occur later - but it was rather inconsistent.

    This has me thinking a few things.

    One - I'm doing a lot of this wrong headed and I need to completely rethink storage to account for editing messages.
    Two - I need a hook that fires after the file has been moved from the tmp filesystem into the nodebb space. Does one exist?

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    Found the solution, It turns out that I had missed this blog post before upgrading to 1.4.x:

    ./nodebb build
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    I have no clue why this happens. I guess we have to wait for a fix 😉

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    bump! @baris @psychobunny

    If it's not possible to exclude pinned topics right now, please let me know. Otherwise, it would be cool to have this option in future releases. 🙂