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  • Swedes

    @julian Is this the newest way to write a plugin!

    I get confused because i see code that uses

    plugin.load = function (data, next) { ...

    If writing plugins for the v1.x.x branch what documentation should I use to write updated code ?

    I guess this is a better start:

    module.exports is a node.js thing right. Is it obsolete to use this? Should I only use plugin.load ?

  • Admin

    Easiest (and most up-to-date) way would be to fork quickstart and make your own plugin :smile:

  • Community Rep

    Yes, you always need a module.exports or exports, otherwise, NodeBB will not see your hooks.

    You can see at the end quick-start adds module.exports = plugin

    FYI, you can shorten

    var plugin = {}
    plugin.load = function () { ... }
    plugin.stuff = function () { ... }
    module.exports = plugin

    to just

    exports.load = function () { ... }
    exports.stuff = function () { ... }

    I find this syntax more convenient depending on the plugin complexity.

  • Swedes

    @yariplus Nice short, I will try to update my plugin to the new style :)

    Is it easy to read a json file from disk when you visit a page, Lets sat that you have somthing in stuff.json and that file is updated now an then on the disk.

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