Some questions on writing front-end scripts

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  • Hello everyone.
    I'm writing a plugin for NodeBB. and some questions arises.

    1. I see many plugins have client.js, the purpose of writing this script is to put a short script which will run as soon as this component is loaded. Is it the true purpose of this file?

    2. in client.js, we could see

    $(document).ready(function() {
    // Some code

    example from nodebb-plugin-markdown

    But we could see another version which does not use this wrap instead expose those statements in global scope.
    The question is, which version is better or is recommended?

    Thanks in advance!✈

  • @jiangcaiyang $(document).ready just tells jQuery to execute the code in the given function after the document HTML as finished loading. It may not be necessary if the things you're doing don't need the document to be ready.

  • @PitaJ How many times will // Some code be executed if they are not inside $(document).ready? I know // Some code will be executed once inside $(document).ready.

    Another question, which will be executed first? the code inside $(document).ready or the one outside?

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    We don't have any built in conditional support. There's the @first helper which works for when you only want to check if @index == 0. To do this, I'd suggest adding a helper for whatever condition you need.

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    v0.6.x should be stable on Mongo again.

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    i have the same issue , I have tried like below

    in requirejs file I have the below code
    function scripts() {
    return document.getElementsByTagName('script');
    if we remove this from requirejs file my eternal script is working fine, But some other exsisting functionalites are not working?