Problem with Emailer (Mailgun) Plugin

  • I just recently installed NodeBB and the mailgun emailer plugin.

    I have mailgun setup and ready to go (all of its checks pass properly). I took the API key and entered it into the plugin admin screen (along with my domain name). Then I went into the forum's settings -> email, changed as appropriate and at the bottom clicked "send test email". I then received a popup "Error: Forbidden".

    None of the logs in nodebb show anything (literally - they're empty) and mailgun has nothing in it either. I'm trying to determine where this forbidden is generating from and how to resolve it. Any thoughts?


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    @etakmit try running nodebb in dev mode with ./nodebb dev which will output the log in real time to your terminal.

  • Super helpful thanks. However the output from the debug is nearly as crytpic 🙂

    24/1 13:01:36 [7499] - warn: Missing translation "email:digest."
    24/1 13:01:36 [7499] - warn: [emailer.mailgun] Unable to send digest email to uid 1!!
    24/1 13:01:36 [7499] - error: [emailer.mailgun] (Forbidden)
    24/1 13:01:36 [7499] - error: [plugins] filter:email.send, Forbidden

    Then for the sake of it I was wondering if it just didn't like sending an email to the admin. So I created a second user and see much of the same

    24/1 13:03:19 [7499] - warn: [emailer.mailgun] Unable to send welcome email to uid 2!!
    24/1 13:03:19 [7499] - error: [emailer.mailgun] (Forbidden)
    24/1 13:03:19 [7499] - error: [plugins] filter:email.send, Forbidden
    24/1 13:03:19 [7499] - warn: [emailer.mailgun] Unable to send registration_accepted email to uid 2!!
    24/1 13:03:19 [7499] - error: [emailer.mailgun] (Forbidden)
    24/1 13:03:19 [7499] - error: [plugins] filter:email.send, Forbidden

    Looks like permissions to me. But I'm not comfortable enough about the nodebb layout on my server to be sure.

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    It looks like the mailgun plugin is receiving a response of "Forbidden" from mailgun. I'd double check your settings on the plugin page.

  • Will do 🙂 not much to it other than an API key and the domain. I'll make sure extra spaces or the like didn't get tossed in during my copy / pasting.

  • Bahahah - nice catch. the API key was wrong (most keys are just letters / numbers so thats what I copied). I missed a simple key- that preceded the key. once I added that we're all good.

    thank you!


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