[nodebb-plugin-session-sharing] how to install?

  • Hi there, i have installed this plugin to bring my current userbase into a nodebb-forum.

    anyways, in the admin-area its shown as activated. but everytime when i start nodebb following error occurs:

    [session-sharing] JWT Secret not found, session sharing disabled.

    i looked up where it fires this error. its in library.js at line 364. seems like it tries to look inside /NodeBB/src/meta/settings.js for a "session-sharing" object?

    my node-server and nodebb are running locally. i have already figured out how to deliver a cookie between those different instances.

    did i messed something up in the setup, or do i have to additionally paste some things to specific places?

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    @Pav check the acp for a session sharing settings page under the plugins section.

  • yep, i think there is the problem. because the plugin didn't moved the needed templates into the template-directory. the plugin itself contains all the needed templates and functions, but at the wrong place, so nodebb don't access them?

    here is how my admin-control-panel looks like and the consol-output when i click on "Session Sharing":

    when i move the template myself into the needed directory, it will show up but stay without functionality 😞 😰

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    @Pav run ./nodebb stop && ./nodebb build && ./nodebb start and try again

  • yeaj it did the job! now i'm feeling stupid lol. thank you so much! @PitaJ

    plugin work fine so far. great that you guys build something like this!

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