How does SSO integrate with existing users ?

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    I am considering installing SSO plugins (namely, Discord and Twitter ) on my NodeBB forum. But I am not quite sure about how to integrate this with existing users. My concern is the following : can an user that registered directly to NodeBB use its twitter account (e.g) to login as this specific user ?

    I found this old thread on the subject :

    From what I understand, if an existing user that used to login directly to Nodebb with the email address tries to login with Twitter using the same email address, it will be authenticated as being the classic user ? Is it right ? Does it depends on the SSO implementation ?

    SSO is kind of black magic to me, so bear with me if the question is stupid.

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    The user needs to click a link on their profile page to link an SSO account.

    Some SSO do provide an email address for linking to an existing account, but most do not. So using this link is the best option.

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    @yariplus Now I feel stupid because I never noticed the presence of those options on my profile... Thank you for the quick answer. I still have to check if one of the two discord plugins allow that.

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