Social Login and the same user with a different email.

NodeBB Development
  • What's happen when an already registered user login with a social account?

    Is there a way to associate to him another account?

  • Get tricky.

    • Existing user + SSO auth with same email? SSO id added to user
    • Existing user + SSO auth with different email? New user created

    There is currently no way to associate a logged-in account with an SSO auth at the moment, but also because we have no user merging facilities.

    Also a potential hazard... if an admin's SSO password gets compromised, you'd then be able to steal their account on NodeBB.

  • I understand the potential risk.

    Maybe for an old forum migrating to NodeBB can be useful to merge some account from the admin panel in the case one want to login using social where they use a different email.

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