When forum Get big big - Issues browsing forum with admin accounts. 503

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    I recently successfully imported about Half million TOPICS = Posts in Nodebb Forum, As the nodebb forum goes bigger and Bigger these two very seviour issue start, can somebody tell me how to fix this.
    No errors were found on forum startup, It occurs in every version i tried. As the forum goes heavy these two common things happen This is related to my last post.

    • A single category having more than 50k topics start hanging, forum just frequently crashes, so i Devide the topics in two cats. It works okay till 30K. Removing the import plugin garbage also does not help.
    • IF so many topics are imported, more than 150K the Browsing forum with any admin account is immposible.

    Configuration of my server are
    8GB RAM + 8GB SWAP
    4 CPU'S
    MONGODB 3.2.7
    UBUNTU 14 64 BIT

    No errors were found on forum startup, It occurs in every version i tried.
    @julian @a_5mith @psychobunny @baris @pichalite @yariplus @PitaJ Please look at this issue.

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    @Pramvir-Rathee are you running with multiple threads? Do you have a reverse proxy? Are you delivering static assets with the reverse proxy?

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    I use nginx just according to the documentation, its a fresh nodebb install from The documents, Brwsing with public/no admin accounts is fast, but with admin accounts it does not work, if click the admin tools under the topic, it gives error 503.

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    Does the forum logs give an error when it crashes?

    Do you have mongo and nginx logs on?

    There should be some useful information in one of the logs as to what is happening.

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