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    I'm using NodeBB as an interface for an app, more like a crowdsourcing hub. The forum is okay, but sometimes the communication is more dynamic and people have to either speak on the phone, use other apps or meet in person.

    For new forums or for forums with small user base, a cross-forum chat room would be very engaging.
    For the UI I'm imagining something like DC++ looked like in the old days.

    This idea fits in different scenarios. At least in mine it does. The chat room would be an extension of the forum.

    How do you find the idea?

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    I really love the shoutbox plugin, however since it is not compaitble with the latest version of node bb.

    I was thinking how can we add ALL the forum users in a sort of Global Chat Room (a chat room made from the private chat) which only admins can make such a room.
    This room will serve like a public chat room/shoutbox for ALL THE FORUM users.

    How can we achieve this? Doing this will allow us to have all the amazing features the chat front is being worked on such as sending images etc.


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    Hey there NodeBB team,

    The chat feature integrated into NodeBB is great. One feature which would improve usability and convenience a lot would be the ability to quickly edit your last sent message by pressing the arrow up key on your keyboard (while the cursor is focused in the text box below). The current workflow requires to leave your keyboard and do all this by mouse which is not the best UX for a chat solution / not that intuitive.

    This would make correcting all these mall typos everyone does way faster 😉

    What do you think? +1 || -1 ?



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    All good points, tagging @baris to take a look

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