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  • Hello,

    I am in the process of evaluating nodebb to migrate our phpbb forum.

    So far so good. There is, however a feature that I am missing and I would like to know if someone has any idea how hard can it be to add it.

    At our current forum, we have a simple chat system at the front page where everyone that is logged in is automatically added to the chat, so you can chat with anyone who's on the site at the time.

    You can see it in action here:

    Furthermore, if you do not have a user, you can login to the chat as a guest.

    This is a very used feature of our site, and I'd like to keep it.
    I can see that nodebb has an amazing chat system, but it does not provide the option to use it the way we need it: Always visible at the front page (the categories page) and with every logged in user on it.

    Has anybody how this can be achieved ? Would it be possible to develop a plugin which makes use of the existing chat system or is it neccessary to write a new chat system from the ground up ?

    Thank you all for your time reading this.

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    Yep, came to suggest the shoutbox as well, hope @Schamper can ensure its compatibility :smile_cat:

  • @pichalite This was exactly what I was thinking of. Thank you :)

    I am having troubles making it work, but I'll post on the shoutbox thread.

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    @fgallese if you can tell me the exact issues/errors you're having, I'll see how I can help.

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