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    Thank you @julian you always respond and seem motivated in helping the community. By proprietary I meant no effort has been made to provide clean working examples for the latest nodebb, as in maintenance of such documentation for people jumping into nodebb to replace their old system.

    You have a great product here, with so much more potential and I understand you may not have resources and funding to provide so much documentation and maintain working example of a plugin that does CRUD with custom fields/custom data, but it becomes harder for new adopters if they're unable to figure out cost effective way to replace their old platforms which have plethora of 3rd party add-ons and plugins especially dealing with custom fields and custom data.

    I take the blame as well, as part of the community it is partly our job to help keep a set of quickstart plugins, documentation, help available to enhance and optimize the process for new adopters. I hope the community gets together and makes something like a curated directory of available plugins, and tags and tracks what versions each supports, and tries to keep a version that supports the latest major version updates.

    Thank you for the wonderful product, I keep trying and finding an excuse to adopt it and hopefully I will get there sooner or later.

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    @PitaJ Thanks!

    alt text

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    @baris it works 🙂

    thanks for quick reply 🙂

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    There's no magic forum you can build and have it be popular. You'd need either a forum about something, however chances are whatever you think of will be saturated with forums already (Bitcoin for example) or something brand new that no ones done, but it won't be long before someone else does.

    No plugin will make your site amazing. running forums is an uphill struggle. Someone will piss you off, you'll ban them, someone else will cry about user X being banned, rinse and repeat. Starting out as a new forum now is tough. Unless you've already got a large number of members and transferring to nodebb (even then, people hate change, and you'll no doubt get the token "developer" who preaches that anything that isn't built in php is rubbish). But again, you can't please everyone.

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    Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it. I must have installed it a while ago and I currently don't even remember doing so. Thank you.

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    If it was a patch upgrade (that is, only the right-hand-most digit changed: 0.6.0 -> 0.6.1), then you should be safe from broken plugins, as all changes are backwards compatible.

    The real fun stuff happens when we go from 0.6.x to 0.7.x 👿

    Edit: I jest. 0.5.x to 0.6.x was harder than we expected, since we changed the static:app.init hook, which practically every plugin uses.

    0.7.x has comparatively fewer breaking changes, but it is a long way out yet... :shipit:

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    @psychobunny 🙂

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    Sorry for bothering guys, I found it in the source code.

    There are two hooks already:

    action:group.join action:group.leave

    Both of them takes only one argument:

    { groupName: groupName, uid: uid }


    Exactly what I'm looking for!

    action:groups.* hooks in the source code were renamed to

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    I would use AWS. Free VPS for a year. Small box if you're starting small then it's enough to host some nodebb instances

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    @baris said:

    If you don't mind getting your hands dirty you can modify core and change PostTools.parse

    me -> 😨

    I was thinking to extract the topic id from data.url and pass it back to the plugin backend to store, and then limit my plugin to one instance per topic for now. But I think that would be even worst, and when 0.6.0 arrives I would have to fix it anyways.

    I am a bit scared to touch the core stuff, but I may give your suggestion a try since it is less hacky, and better long term solution.

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    Answer to self: enable the custom header and the global vars will be there. Sounds about right?

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    Do you mean as a poll where users can vote on a response? If so, there's a poll plugin developed by @Schamper.

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    Okay, thanks guys I'm gonna pull that right now and play with it 🙂

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    @crazycells Feel free to send pull requests for different languages.

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    Hello NodeBB users. Since I've chosen NodeBB to replace my current free hosted and created forum I need to create the custom theme that will go with it.
    Since it's a graphic community we have some features needed and that's why I've taken a look at plugins and the API to see if NodeBB is ready to answer our problematic. Mostly it's the case and the modular aspect is very appreciable.

    So first question, how to do a child theme ? I've the quickstart theme and it seems that only importing the less of another theme do the job. (Vanilla in that case). But for instance if I want to use Lavander that is a lot more developed is that the same way ?
    Isn't that a bit ugly cause I assume it will be CSS replacement over imported CSS with new one too.
    Is there a best way to do it ?

    Is a theme capable of interacting on templates and add features to the control panel like a plugin. For instance I absolutely need the sub category feature, because my forum today use a structure like :

    Category Forum Sub forum Sub forum Archives (occasional)

    So there's at least 3 levels needed and I'll need to figure out if there's a way to do so since it doesn't seem implemented in the actual NodeBB version.

    Is it possible to add a new navigation, I think it's possible with a widget it doesn't seem like there's an existing one I might take a look on this.

    I think this is not theme related so I'll stop here but these are the direct questions I have.
    Also I doesn't seems that this forum have a support category, I think it could be nice to add one in order to filter actual themes from requests/question ect... (same for plugins).

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    Thanks for your help @julian !