How to grow up forum? (questions)

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    What need to first time for forum?
    Where find users?
    What kind of plugins best for using?
    Who can answer this questions, may be have books about growing? 😄
    Creating fake users - this is only solution in first time?
    What kind of instruments do u use for your forum?

    Please share your experience 👍

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    1. Well, first of all you need a concept, where you should ask yourself:
    • What do I want to do?
    • What could make my site unique?
    • Why do people want to be members?
    1. To find users you can go to exisiting communities (if there are any) and ask for people to check out your site. Of course not every webmaster will like that, so maybe present your site on webmaster forums or anywhere else it is allowed. Alternatively you can make use of classical advertisment through Facebook or AdWords (yep, thats kinda "extreme").

    2. There are no "good" plugins. Look what you want/need. In the end people do not come for some plugins to your site.

    3. Books? I do not read books.

    4. Fake users are definitely NOT a solution. Sooner or later people will find it out anyway.

    5. What do you mean with instruments? You should be capable of managing a server, thats all you need.

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    There's no magic forum you can build and have it be popular. You'd need either a forum about something, however chances are whatever you think of will be saturated with forums already (Bitcoin for example) or something brand new that no ones done, but it won't be long before someone else does.

    No plugin will make your site amazing. running forums is an uphill struggle. Someone will piss you off, you'll ban them, someone else will cry about user X being banned, rinse and repeat. Starting out as a new forum now is tough. Unless you've already got a large number of members and transferring to nodebb (even then, people hate change, and you'll no doubt get the token "developer" who preaches that anything that isn't built in php is rubbish). But again, you can't please everyone.

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