i want to deploy nodebb on aws but nodebb is using either redis and mongodb

  • Hi All
    Aws is famous for elasticache , which is using redis but it doesn't have mongodb provided, which means i have to install mongodb personally. Aws has nosql database like dynamodb. i'm afraid i couldn't use that with nodebb.

    I just want to know if i use elasticache which is providing redis, in long term is it a suitable idea ?

  • that all depends on how many millions of posts you plan to get :)

    that leads me to wonder, are there any benchmark posts on performance and resource utilization? that would be nice. nodebb team? ^_^ @administrators

  • Admin

    If elasticache is redis, then it will work. A potential DynamoDB adapter is in the preliminary planning stages.

    That is all I can say :shipit:

    Oh, but like how we provide a Redis to MongoDB converter, we'll likely make one to Dynamo as well, should we proceed...

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