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  • Hi!

    I'm having some issues after upgrading Nodebb from 1.1.0 to 1.3.0.

    Realtime notifications intermittently works, sometimes need to refresh the web browser to see new notifications/unread posts.

    This also occur if someone reply to a post, sometimes they need to scroll up and then down again to see their own post (or refresh web browser).

    Our environment:
    Ubuntu (14.04 LTS)
    MongoDB (3.2.11)
    Nginx (1.10.1-0+trusty0) as front end proxy
    NodeJS (7.2.0)

    Any ideas would could be wrong?


  • I'm using nodebb-widget-essentials and this problem only occur if I have a widget with "recent posts" enabled. Everything works fine if I drag and drop the widget to draft zone.

  • @dev31

    did you see any error logs? any console logs on the browser's console?

    Some plugin may break the widget, I happened to know nodebb-plugin-google-search can cause the SuggestedTopics widget broken.

  • @dev31 Hm, that's quite odd! Can you take a look at the dev console and see if any errors are reported?

  • @julian @revir
    Thanks for the reply, the dev console doesn't show anything 😞

    Really strange, all other widget's from nodebb-widget-essentials are working (I have replaced "recent posts" with "recent topics" while trying to resolve this problem and everything works fine with all widgets except "recent posts")

    The work around my users are using is to click on the "scroll to bottom" i the menu, that triggers some kind of "reload" and new posts appear.

  • This happens to us too. Realtime only works sometimes or just for a minute after you load a page. If more time pass then you need to reload manually.
    Do you use cloudfare?

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