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  • So far it had used nodeBB 1.1.2 and everything worked well.
    But after upgrading to version 1.2.1, global widgets have disappeared from my custom theme.

    Widgets applied in one area, for example: template: "home.tpl" work well, but those with template: "global" have stopped working. I tried to clean the cache but everything remains the same.

    This variable has been changed? it is a bug? thank you very much

  • Any errors in your browser console?

  • No any error in console. It may be a bug?
    In src/widgets/admin.js the Global parameter is used

    				{ name: 'Global Sidebar', template: 'global', location: 'sidebar' },
    				{ name: 'Global Header', template: 'global', location: 'header' },
    				{ name: 'Global Footer', template: 'global', location: 'footer' },
    				{ name: 'Group Page (Left)', template: 'groups/details.tpl', location: 'left'},
    				{ name: 'Group Page (Right)', template: 'groups/details.tpl', location: 'right'}

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