Where are plugins physically stored in relation to the base nodebb folder?

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  • plugin chat

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    I had a plugin that adds an option for the administrator to see users' chat.
    Now I can not find it
    I would love if someone would bring me a suitable link for it.

  • Need help with plugin Hyde

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    Hi, I have not big forum. I look for many plugin fot NodeBB but can not find what I need.

    I want to implement scratched content (If user have not XX reputatin, he can not see content). I want aske you may be you have such plugin.

    Sorry for my English

  • plugin list?

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    @baris thank you

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    I've updated the sound cloud plugin. But not pushed it to npm. Will do it when I get to work shortly.

    You can clone it directly from github at the minute though.

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    As far as I know there is not an official plugin yet to support OpenID Connect in NodeBB.

    If anyone is still looking for a work-able OpenID Connection option, we've built one for production usage but it should work with any OpenID Connect identity provider.

    Supports discovery using the .well-known/openid-configuration URL Supports configurable email claim, defaults to email Supports Logout URL Optionally map roles by a named claim provided in the Userinfo endpoint response Documented option to bypass the default login panel

    Feel free to open an issue if you find it is missing anything.