Where are plugins physically stored in relation to the base nodebb folder?

  • I'm trying to figure something out that requires me to know this.

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  • @PitaJ Is there a place where installed plugins can be found? Some kind of file or dunno.
    I'm working on a docker image for nodebb and this is something that could be very interesting: having a list of plugins stored somewhere that are automatically loaded when nodebb is fresh-installed.

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    @Telokis you could install them with npm install --save nodebb-plugin-thing which would save them to package.json.

  • @PitaJ That's a solution but I wouldn't be able to do so from the admin panel.
    And, moreover, are the settings stored somewhere physical?

    I think a plugins.json automatically processed by nodebb on startup would be a nice alternative.

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    @Telokis sounds like an interesting feature. The activated plugins are stored in the database. You can list them with ./nodebb plugins I think. If you want that feature, though, open an issue on GitHub. Thanks

  • That would allow us to have a "safer" way to store installed plugins. (I'm working in a Docker environment)
    Maybe I'll add this feature myself in a pull request!

  • @PitaJ No need to submit a PR or so, this can be a plugin!
    I noticed the action:plugin.* hook which is fired on install/uninstall of a plugin! That's perfect for my needs, it allows me to monitor easily!
    I can also use Plugins.showInstalled to retrieve the list of plugins currently installed and save it directly on load!
    And maybe parse the package.json of each plugin to be able to install the exact version that was used.

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