Need help with installation on DigitalOcean using Team Account.

  • Hey guys I really need help with full installion of NodeBb on DigitalOcean as I'm having difficulties with it since I'm so new with cloud hosting seriously. Any help will be highly aprreciated, please drop me a message if anyone willing to help so I'll send you the team invitation from DigitalOcean (FYI this is a new feature of DO) Please? =( Thanks a lot. Hmu xoxo

  • @Nicca it is very difficult to help you if you don't share the details of the difficulties you're facing.

    I'm sure that if you say what the problem is, someone is going to help.

    As a starting point, have you followed the detailed installation guide in the docs? (😞


  • @jarey oh yea actually. I've followed all the guides I've seen. I've read topics as the others w/ same issues but I always end up confused and stuck. So I thought of the released of new feature of DigitalOcean called "Team Account" which allow other to access an account (w/o having to share login info) for development purpose would be a great help if anybody here willing to help me.

  • @Nicca which of the steps on the guide is causing you problems?

  • @jarey actually all the command steps lol. Idk. I just switch from shared host to cloud so I'm very newbie with it.

  • @Nicca you can have nodebb hosted by the nodebb team on their infraestructure if you aren't familiarized at all on command line or web installation.

    Don't want to sound rude, but it seems that you don't have even tried to install it yourself and want the job done by another one, since you don't ask any specific question or doubt about the installation.

    Since the guide explains each step and it's meaning it is kind of confusing that you say that "all commands are the problem".

    If you follow the guide and ask for specific questions, i will be more than glad to help with the doubts. In other case, maybe someone here other than me would want to install it for you.


  • @Nicca I recommended this guide to several newbie and they didn't have problems so that's another one to try.

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