Nodebb shuts down(502 bad gateway)

NodeBB Development
  • Hi again,

    I ran into some problem with NodeBB. I'm working with google apps script, taking data from a spreadsheet and inserting it into NodeBB via write api. First I insert a Category. then I insert another Category and update it's ParentID from the previously inserted Category, then I insert the topic and lastly I insert the post to the topic. After this procedure everything shuts down:

    • 29/8 15:00 [22748] - error: TypeError: data.content.rtrim is not a function(output.log),

    • (inside google script editor)

    And in another scenario where I already inserted Category and Category with updated ParentID everything works fine no errors no shutdown.

  • Can you provide a full server stack trace from the server?

  • Bad gateway might occur due to an incorrect setting in your Proxy.

    It is recommended by me to use Nginx as it is easy to setup and apparently automatically recovers after a bad gateway.

    What Operating System Are you using?

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