Where can I read up on Architecture and local development

NodeBB Development
  • I forked NodeBB and I want to add an item in the header that will link to one of my pages. However, I plan on doing a lot of new things in the future as we use this product at our company.

    Currently, I am hosting my fork and making changes but my changes are over ridden most times. I see that the public folder is generated but I can't see where to add a link beside register.

    Where are the docs for this that I can read? Any Development tutorials on how to get started?

  • @joncodo you will have to edit the theme templates source files under /your nodebb folder/node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona/templates. Template files in public folder are regenerated every time you start/restart NodeBB.

    It's recommended to fork the theme, apply your changes there and use that as your theme. It will be easy to git merge from persona repository for future theme updates.

  • You can add links to custom pages and whatnot from the Navigation settings in the ACP.

  • Thanks guys. This solved my problem for now. I guess the main info I was missing was how plugins and themes work for this. Now that I have that, I am good to go for a bit 🙂

    Thanks so much for your help!

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