How do I make a HTML widget to show a specific topic?

  • I have a topic I want always to be linked from my custom home page. There are widgets for popular topics, suggested topics etc. but nothing for one specific topic. How would you write a custom html/script block to do that?

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    If it's just a specific topic can't you just put a link to it? as in <a href="/topic/123">My always visible topic</a>

  • OK, that's one way. I would like a like with teaser and "latest updated" etc. if possible...

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    @osirisguitar You may want to try my plugin featured-topics-extended, it comes with the widget Featured Topics List, which displays a list of topics just as they would appear on the category page. Admins can select exactly which topics to display in the Topic Tools menu when visiting a topic.

    Here is an example with two topics selected.

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