"Mark all as read" Memory Usage?

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  • Looking for some input/feedback.

    I'm running NodeBB on Heroku and RedisToGo. After a large data import (tens of thousands of posts) when I log in as any user and click into "Unread" and "Mark all as read" the memory usage on both the server and Redis instance spikes. In my case I'm still running in test mode with just 512MB in redis (it usually sits at 309 used or so) and 512MB of memory on a basic Heroku dyno.

    Basically the dyno grinds to a halt from swapping and the redis sends an alert about being over quota. Once I kill the dyno memory in Redis drops back down, and of course the restarted dyno doesn't resume the operation.

    Is this behavior expected? Do I just need to allocate more memory to allow the operation to complete without blowing out my resource quotas? Is there any way to just flag all posts as read by all users as a starting point since I'm guessing it's trying to mark tens of thousands of posts as read all in one operation?


  • Hey @medwards are you on latest? We recently changed mark all read so it only marks the topics in the last month as read instead of going through all topics.

  • @baris

    I'm currently running a patched version of 0.3.2 I think.

    I'll try to upgrade and see if it fixes it.

  • @baris

    That does appear to resolve the issue. One issue it brings up, though, is that I have customizations to the lavender theme and the version I've been using appears incompatible with Edge.

    Is there any way to identify which versions of the lavender theme are compatible with which versions of NodeBB?

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    @baris i take your plugin "browsing-users" and create a new one "who-read-it". I hope it is okay for you 🐞

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    This forum support infinite scroll, it wonderful, but sometimes it's annoying. Open long duscussion (with 300-400 answers) is painful, I open read only last few answers and if scroll to top (look at topic theme or breadcrumbs) , I cant do it, because forum load previous pages. It's very annoying for me.

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    The author also could create a new post stating that some changes have been made if it's worth an update in his opinion. I don't think any other concept is needed since editing posts is more wiki-like than forum-like. If your forum relies on something like this you might consider using a wiki platform instead or additionally.

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    okay 🙂 FYI there's a robots.txt editor in the ACP if you really didn't want it to show up on google search 🙂