Windows Server 2012 Problem (AGAIN)

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  • @Master-Antonio asked me to help him over teamviewer. I've made a fresh installation of 1.1.2, and there is a problem with links to images.

    The installation worked fine, but there were problems with profile cover pictures.

    The host system is a windows machine. I'm able to reproduce the bug on my local build.

    This is what the inspection window looks like on my updated version from 1.1.0 to 1.1.2. I did not change my cover picture since the update.
    It should be noted that the background-image field now uses normal slashes.

    After changing the cover picture, the background-image field changes. to backslashes.

    As of then, the cover picture stays white, because the browser cannot resolve the location.

    This is clearly a bug related to 1.1.2.

  • Here's another error that he showed me.

    After changing the website's logo at the ACP at settings - general, and setting the website name and browser title, the following error comes up when he goes to that page:

    Error: Failed to lookup view "500" in views directory "C:\Programs\NodeBB\public\templates"
       at EventEmitter.render (C:\Programs\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\application.js:579:17)
       at ServerResponse.render (C:\Programs\NodeBB\node_modules\express\lib\response.js:960:7)
       at C:\Programs\NodeBB\src\middleware\render.js:63:12
       at fireFilterHook (C:\Programs\NodeBB\src\plugins\hooks.js:101:11)
       at Object.Plugins.fireHook (C:\Programs\NodeBB\src\plugins\hooks.js:85:5)
       at ServerResponse.res.render (C:\Programs\NodeBB\src\middleware\render.js:31:12)
       at C:\Programs\NodeBB\src\controllers\index.js:457:8
       at C:\Programs\NodeBB\src\middleware\header.js:44:6
       at C:\Programs\NodeBB\public\src\modules\translator.js:148:5
       at C:\Programs\NodeBB\public\src\modules\translator.js:173:6
       at C:\Programs\NodeBB\public\src\modules\translator.js:194:4
       at Object.translator.load (C:\Programs\NodeBB\public\src\modules\translator.js:225:5)
       at translateKey (C:\Programs\NodeBB\public\src\modules\translator.js:192:14)
       at C:\Programs\NodeBB\public\src\modules\translator.js:170:4
       at Array.forEach (native)
       at translateKeys (C:\Programs\NodeBB\public\src\modules\translator.js:169:8)

    I'll try to reproduce the bug on my local build later. I think this is related to the issue above.

    I think these problems are related to each other. Maybe that I'll open a seperate topic about this where I describe my findings in more detail. For now I'll be waiting for an answer from the developers.


  • I think it's related to this change:

    In here the universally slashes are replaced by OS defaults which seems to cause the windows related errors. I'll check out later if there is no similar open issue and otherwise I'll open one.

  • @JasperNL Are you sure this is the commit? Does it work fine if you use the commit before it?

  • @julian said in Windows Server 2012 Problem (AGAIN):

    @JasperNL Are you sure this is the commit? Does it work fine if you use the commit before it?

    I'm not completely sure. The only observation that I made is that it worked fine with v1.1.0 and not with v1.1.2, and that it has to do with file path names. (Presumably tomorrow or in 2 days) I will take a look at the version before and after this commit and test if it's causing the bug then.

    I'll post my results as soon as they are there!

  • @JasperNL In that case, I would recommend you use git-bisect as it will help you determine which commit specifically caused the regression.

  • Thanks 😄 I thought using git checkout -b (commit code) would do the job too on a clone. I'll take a look at the command you propose 😉

  • Oh bisect looks extremely useful indeed!

  • Testing procedure

    • nodebb stop
    • Checkout the eventually wrong commit
    npm install
    nodebb setup
    nodebb upgrade
    nodebb start
    • Refresh page.
    • Remove profile cover picture
    • Add profile cover picture
    • If it remains white (and thus backslashes in background-image at the inspection view): Error; Otherwise: no error.

    Testing results

    • commit aac0313f2eb87123347c5925a134adcd57fb869e has the bug described above.
    • commit 22e73b925f16d5eb9d223121291ae437ba427faf has the error too! (Edit: no it has not)
    • commit ff4fd8cf9523e09a5957f0b55c15d5980d02aa7d works fine.
    • commit 84025fa7fc17807c8d9d00b0b298611a86a8101b works fine. (roughly 2 steps left according to git bisect)
    • commit c00905035e5f8049881622f337b8741c7cd6c228 works fine.
    • commit b0c55c86ed994edbf2270d3a539af460ad871e7c works fine. This confuses me. The translator bot apparantly destroyed it? That makes no sense at all. I'll try the version of the translate bot again...
    • commit 22e73b925f16d5eb9d223121291ae437ba427faf has no error (I probably didn't do nodebb stop before updating, or it's something stupid like this :|)


    22e73b925f16d5eb9d223121291ae437ba427faf Is ok;
    aac0313f2eb87123347c5925a134adcd57fb869e Is not ok;

    I hope this helps 🙂 Please leave me a message when you need additional information.

  • @JasperNL Well, looks like you were right all along 😆

  • You can never be sure 👼 I hope it gets fixed soon to ensure future windows compatability 🙂

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