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    This is one of the methods that is not available in the v3 read API yet. If you want to load all the subcategories you can do it with a emit. See below function

    async function getSubCategories(cid) { // store current loaded children let subCats =; let newCats = []; // start from the nextSubCategory index let start =; do { // load the next page newCats = await socket.emit('categories.loadMoreSubCategories', { cid: cid, start: start, }); // move start to next page start +=; // add the newly loaded children to our sub categories subCats = subCats.concat(newCats); // we are done if no new categories were loaded } while (!newCats.length); return subCats; }

    You can call this function on a category page and it would return all the subcategories of that category.

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    Hello all,
    Because of budget issues, I would like to install nodebb on shared hosting only. I have access to shell. I guess I can install if i have access to shell. Could you please say procedure as I can't find anywhere. Namecheap shared hosting uses cloudlinux OS and gives users to access shell

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    @baris Thank you so much. Caught in the installing process didn't saw that. Now I have a working NodeBB site. For the first test install used everything as is in the tutorial so database is nodebb.

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    ./nodebb build

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    @Maahi The error message tells you what you need to know. In this case, nginx cannot start because there is already something bound to port 80. Apache? NodeBB? You need to figure this out.