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  • If i need a plugin with my own route like /mypluginpage and be able to read and write data to the database. Is there any clean plugin examples on how to do that.

    I want to build a health register product that uses NodeBB as codebase. Am i suposed to build bigger plugins in NodeBB or is that just plain stupid. Also I have som plans on creating a Movie DB for my game community.

    So much to learn and so little time 📦

    What is the basic npm packages I should know about when dev for NodeBB? Db-access layer, route framwork, NodeBB own standard libs? It feels like I am back to school again 😉

  • My general advice for creating a larger plugin: put as little code as possible in the plugin itself. Put most of your functionality in a separate npm module or several modules. Whether you use an existing module or write your own. Make the plugin's only purpose to link NodeBB's hooks to the module(s) api.

    I was new to web-development when I started making NodeBB plugins. Now that I know, I would have done all of my larger plugins this way.

  • @yariplus Can you give me some type of example of this. It seams strange to make many plugins for 1 thing

    Lets say i want to make a movie DB for nodeBB that use the user information from NodeBB.

    1. Where do i store moviedata? In a separate DB or int the one that Nodebb uses?
    2. How should i split up the code for the Movie DB in several plugins?
    3. If you look at Open Fantasy plugin, thats a big plugin. Is it wrong to build it that way.
    4. Is there any lookup documents for all Nodebbs funktions and classes that i can read to get a better understanding of how NodeBB is built and the thoughts behind the architecture.

    I am used to mysql and php witch is pretty different from nodejs, npm and mongodb. Its lot to learn!

    @yariplus maybe you could build a plugin for me, if i pay you? Do you have any time to take on a projekt and how much is the fee 🙂 I have a customer that has limited resources of money but today he have his health projekt built in wordpress / php / mysql.

    Maybe some here would be up for the task 😛

  • For instance, my rainbows plugin, parses a string into html with text colors stylized into a spectrum. The actual parsing is complex, but has nothing to do with nodebb. If I had made this functionality into a separate module, I could have easily used it in other projects, while making maintaining the rainbows plugin easier. This is just a small example though, where the separation isn't really needed, just nice to have.

    For something like a movie db, there are probably existing modules that can do some of the functionality you want, and I would use them if they exist.

    I would be happy to take on such a project. My rates tend to be lower than average, but I am constrained on time at the moment. E-mail the details if you are interested.

  • sure, I will speak with my customer and fix a spec of what should be done 🙂

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