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    @baris said in Upgrade - nodebb-widget-rss:

    I'm not sure if you need to restart after saving in the acp page.

    Well, you have to 😄 Working now, thanks

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    @phenomlab hey, that's pretty cool, I didn't know it supported blog usage like forums of old 🙂

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    @julian Yes, I managed to fix them and do PR

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    @baris said in Upgrade - nodebb-plugin-topic-ratings:

    You could filter the topics in a hook like filter:topics.filterSortedTids and only return ones that have more than a certain rating.

    GPT recommend me to do this 😹

    In plugin.json add new hook "hooks": [ { "hook": "filter:category.topics.prepare", "method": "sortTopicsByRating" } ] In library.js add new methid sortTopicsByRating plugin.sortTopicsByRating = function (data, callback) { if (data.req.query.sort === 'rating') { data.req.query.sort = '-rating'; } callback(null, data); }; In templates/categories.tpl add this code for sorted <li data-sort="rating"><a href="#">[[global:topics_sorted_by_rating]]</a></li> In public/js/topic-ratings.js add this javascript $(window).on('action:ajaxify.end', function () { var $sortDropdown = $('.category-header .dropdown-menu'); if ($sortDropdown.length) { var $ratingSortItem = $('<li data-sort="rating"><a href="#">[[global:topics_sorted_by_rating]]</a></li>'); $sortDropdown.append($ratingSortItem); $ratingSortItem.on('click', function () { var url = window.location.href; url = url.replace(/(\?|&)sort=\w+/, ''); url += (url.indexOf('?') >= 0 ? '&' : '?') + 'sort=rating'; ajaxify.go(url); }); } });

    Bot say after this I can sorted a topics via url ?sort=rating

    I'm not tested this code, but it looks not bad...

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    If you can, yes... that would work if you had the session uuid, which you might not.

    Essentially, when you use SSO to log in a user via a third-party authenticator, NodeBB is maintaining that session, not the other site. That's why it's not assumed behaviour that if you log out of the other site, that you also log out of NodeBB.

    If the user wants to log out of the forum, they'd have to log out themselves via the NodeBB logout button.

    That said, in the end the logout is literally just a POST request... so in your site, you could code in a XHR that calls POST and that would log out the user 😄