why don't new plugins published?

  • for a long time there is no new plugins. Why don't they published? In my opinion Nodebb's development is too slow

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @pikshub what plugins are you looking for?

  • @pichalite

    Search for plugins do not.

    Nodebb is a perfect and successful project. When I first meet Nodebb it was more innavator. For example new plugins were published more often. And also it's development was faster. Nowadays it is not like as before.

  • Admin

    @pikshub You are correct in that development of the open-source project has slowed. It is something that we as the project maintainers are well aware of.

    The reason behind this is due to a multitude of reasons, but mainly due to us focusing more on NodeBB related contract work so we can afford to continue working on NodeBB itself.

    That said it is in everybody's best interest that the project continue to receive updates and development on a regular basis, so please know that we are scheduling some changes internally to devote more resources to the project itself :smile:

    Believe me, I want nothing more than to see that issue list back down to ~70 open issues :smile:

  • @julian It's so nice that you are explaining all of the things. Thank you.

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