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  • Hi everyone,

    After knowing NodeBB for the first time (3 months ago, accordingly to my profile), just now I have time to dedicate to my project. Meanwhile, thinking in my project on future, I developed the NodeBB OpenID Steam Plugin (which have been used more than I ever imagined. At least I have to deal with some issues on Github 😄 ). I'm a newbe on NodeBB and on Nodejs too.

    What's the worlflow of development/deployment that you guys uses on your NodeBB projects?

    At home I have Win 8 (for Photoshop/Games) and a VM with Ubuntu, where lives all my applications (PHP/Nodejs/MySQL, Git, etc.), and my code editor of the moment, Sublime Text. But what I'm really interested is to know how do you start a new plugin/theme on localhost, and then deploy on production. Start to create manually the files, start with a template of another plugin (installed via npm, for example), tests, and after the plugin/theme ready for production, creates a new npm package and install on production, or uploads by FTP, or by git repo, or use any solution of continuous integration...

    And about the DB? I'm new to MongoDB and NoSQL databases.

    This weekend I successfully configured my project on Digital Ocean, using Apache proxy (http and ws), to my NodeBB application and it's working neat. But I did only for tests. I have to develop my theme and other plugins before put it live.

  • I develop locally. Node.js, Redis, and NodeBB all live on my laptop, and I access it by opening up localhost:4567. I use npm link to "install" my in-development plugins (More info)

  • locally on linux with IntelliJ IDEA (not WebStorm because I develop some Java-Apps too) + MongoDB as Database.
    I use my gruntfile to develop with coffee-script and to have livereload, no need for npm link...
    The Theme I'm currently working on I started by copying the template-, json-files and script-files of my other theme. The first one I started by copying the json- and script-files of Lavender...
    For new plugins I just copy the json-files...

  • @frissdiegurke said:

    locally on linux with IntelliJ IDEA (not WebStorm because I develop some Java-Apps too)

    I must be the only one with a dozen IDE's installed.

    Anyway, PhpStorm with mongodb on a Windows machine. Also using npm link.

  • sublime text with a nice theme and syntax for nodejs

  • start with a template of another plugin

    Yeah that's basically what I do, in general plugins use one or two common hooks (ex. scripts.get) so I pick one that's the most similar to what I'm looking to do and modify from there.

    My IDE is sublime text, love it.

  • +1 for Sublime... much better than gEdit (which is pretty much a glorified Nodepad :P)

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