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    String concatenation is highly optimized in JS engines, so the benefits of template literals for performance are small. Using template literals on the client side also makes you incompatible with older browsers.

    Also you didn't really relate your advice to NodeBB.

  • Consolidation of template languages

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    @psychobunny my template abstraction layer looks working for me 🙂
    Unfortunately the project in which I hoped to use NodeBB is wanished.
    But I'm still not lost my interest. PR was fired and waiting for review 🙂

    Maybe I'll make my own theme fully with Jade. Some day... 🙂

    As for supported template engines - there are modules for t.js templates and for Jade. I can add more engines if anyone needed.

    Main unresolved problems are:

    rendering of template block is supported only with t.js For other engines I only pass special variable that indicates what block is requested so it can be considered on template level calling helpers is quite complicated in t.js so you have to be carefull when using partials with another engine no generic cross-engine imports and partials

    I personaly don't think that these problems overweight benefits granted.

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    @a_5mith , yes, that is what I meant - those comments would be pretty ugly in production code, but to debug your own templates it would be nice to see where something comes from straight out of the browser. Especially when you - like me - just started working with NodeBB. 🙂

  • Security Questions

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    Few things to mention.

    I believe NodeBB should return a generic error message such as "Email or Password is incorrect".
    Is it also possible to restrict guests from viewing the Users page/list?
    Also, is there an option to enable email login only? I think this would add a layer of a security as an outside(or inside) attacker can't easily guess user emails.

    This is obviously for those of us that are extra paranoid. Any thoughts?

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    I believe we've discussed the possibility of having a HELP tab in the composer, but I can also see the usefulness of a FAQ thread or even a FAQ page.