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  • I want to make a membership application form and then send it off for review. I can make the form just using the the widget feature. But I need to process the input from that form and provide the user feedback, perhaps sending them to a new route.

    How do I do that? I just need a pointer to right way to do it. I can probably hack something in, but I would like to approach it in a way that works with the nodebb design.

    I successful wrote a widget plugin and helped debug another plugin. So I have some understanding of how things are working and I read the guide. But, there is a lot of information missing from the guide.

  • I know this an open ended question. So let me ask some more specific.

    How can I message the server side from the client side. I read some code calling socket.somthing, but that was related to configuration. If I just want to send "hi mom" to a piece of code on the server side, what hooks do I need to use? The documentation just was not clear about this.

    I just need a point in the right direction.

  • See this file

    Once you add your socket function server side, you can call it from the client side with socket.emit('myPlugin.myMethod', {hello: 'world'}, callback);

  • @Tahru Hey, are you planning to write some APPs insteads of pages to get chatting with someone? I am doing the same thing.
    This is my project:

    And I am debuging some functions and the upper logics to find some clues in integrating into it.

  • @baris Thank you!

    @jiangcaiyang Yes, I have a few things in mind. That looks cool. I wish I could read it.

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