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    Autommatic, Wordpress developers have done this because their main service uses the same feature. Today this feature is very popular if you are doing something more than a personal blog about cats. Nodebb has a ton of examples of how other forum services (like Reddit) were made. Maybe it will be their way too. In any case, I hope that someone will make a plugin that allows you to use one file base and easily manage many forums from one place.

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    At my forum we play the a few forumgames like:

    Ken je het en keek je het? (Do you know it, and did you watch it as a kid)
    In this game a person post an old TV-show or cartoon he or she saw as a kid. The next person replies to it if he watched the show or not and post a new TV-show/cartoon.

    Woordketting (Wordchain)
    A person starts with a word wich begins with the letter where the last word ended.

    Like Snake - Edit - Transparent - Telegram - Master...

    Jij bent 'm (You're it)
    A person post something like 'If you have glasses, you're it'. A person who has glasses may reply to the post with something else like 'if you hate milk, you're it' ...

    These games (and a lot more) are people playing on my forum.
    What kind of forumgames are you playing on you'r forum?

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    Adding AIM and MySpace is crucial!

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    Should be compatible with 0.8x but I haven't updated the package.json yet. For now you can install manually. Although there's still quite a lot of work to be done before its complete!

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    @vatsal I agree that there is a UI problem with the chat messages and posting on slower internet connections. Pressing send should immediately show your message on the screen, along with a spinner that indicates that the message hasn't been sent yet... followed by a checkmark when it has, and the server acknowledges.