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    Hello respected engineers. First thanks for your excellent works, I've successfully run my forum http://qtdream.com for over 8 months.

    As the title implies, we takes interests in the instant chatting bundled by the forum, and wants to do that both on web and on client. We've chosen Qt as our technical stack, the ground development has been established, that is to rewrite socket.io client library in Qt( C++ ), which is currently WIP.
    My question is how nodebb manages instant chat? what js files and functions are to be noted? I need some help.

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    Hi there,

    You'll want to look at the file src/socket.io/modules.js, specifically the methods starting with SocketModules.chats

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    Thanks, recently I've debugged and eliminated bugs on socket.io Qt binding.
    I'll look into src/socket.io/modules.js and SocketModules.chats.

    By the way, which is best IDE to debug front-end code on NodeBB? ❓ 🙏
    If possible, give me more reputations.

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