Any efficient way on plugin development?

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  • Hi, currently whenever I make any modification to my plugin, I will need to reload the entire list of plugins. The reloading process will take ~5 secs.

    Is there any efficient method to reload only my plugin or only the changes that I have made? (for rapid development).

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Absolutely. This is what Grunt is for, Grunt will watch your plugin files and reload resources when necessary.

    Instead of starting your NodeBB with ./nodebb start, just run grunt. It runs in interactive mode, so make sure you keep the window/session open while developing.

    Now if you change a file, Grunt will see the change and you can watch as it reloads only the necessary resources, and it's much faster at it than in production mode.

  • Thank @yariplus, learn something new today. 👍

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