How To Unbind NodeBB?

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  • I uninstalled NodeBB to start over fresh. I dropped the mongo DB and did an rm -R on the nodebb directory.

    Then I git cloned the latest version with git clone -b v1.x.x nodebb

    Then I built a new mongoDB and tried to start nodebb. I got an error indicating it was already running on 4567. So I ran the command line setup and built it on 7654.

    So now I have a working version running on 7654 and a broken version answering on 4567 with no DB attached to it.

    how do I fix this?

  • You'll want to find the pid (process id) of the running NodeBB process. Use ps aux | grep node to see all process that are node based.

    Then kill it by pid.


    [email protected] ~/nothingtoseehere (master) $ ps aux | grep node
    julian   11381  5.5  1.3 959772 53680 ?        Ssl  18:25   0:00 /home/julian/.nvm/versions/node/v4.4.0/bin/node /home/julian/nothingtoseehere/loader.js
    julian   11396  3.7  0.9 910404 37308 pts/5    Sl+  18:25   0:00 node ./nodebb log
    julian   11405 44.0  3.8 1303708 153892 ?      Rl   18:25   0:05 /home/julian/.nvm/versions/node/v4.4.0/bin/node app.js
    julian   11483  0.0  0.0  15192  2260 pts/6    S+   18:25   0:00 grep --color=auto node

    Looks like the NodeBB app is on pid 11405, and the loader is 11381. kill 11381 will kill both (as the app is a child of the loader)

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