Featured/Popular Topics Cards (With Thumbnail Background)

  • Looking to add a bit more of an editorial feel to the front page. I want to pick topics to highlight in a bar across the top of the page much like the recent topics plugin does only with the image uploaded as the thumbnail as the background.

    It doesn't have to be hand picked. I could work with it being just popular topics as well.

    Is there a way to do that? Am I missing it?

    I see the featured topics plugin. https://github.com/yariplus/nodebb-plugin-featured-topics-extended

    I installed it and went to its config page in the admin and saved it. reloaded it. nothing appears. There are no screenshots so I have no idea how it's supposed to look. Part of a really frustrating pattern with plugins in general for this project (and others) to be honest 😞

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    @g0st Sorry about that. My plugin is just in very early stages.

    For topic cards, you don't need to configure the plugin page. Use the widget Featured Topics Cards Then to actually put cards on it, go to the topic you want, and find the Feature this Topic button under the Topic Tools dropdown.

    It currently uses the category background, but I can update it to use the topic thumbnail.

  • @yariplus This works great, thank you!

    Yes, cards with the ability to show the thumbnail instead of the category color would be very much appreciated.

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    @g0st Pushed an update so that the topic cards use the topic thumbnail if available, and added a few extra options in the widget config.

    Feel free to open any other feature requests in the github issues.

  • This post is deleted!

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