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    @julian I changed the permalink to normal option rather than custom one and it worked. I rechecked by switching again it is not working for custom one but it’s fine for me. If anyone facing the same issue this check could help. Thanks for your support!

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    NPM page shows me that the latest version is 0.4.0, but on ACP plugins page and even with npm install the latest version is 0.3.4.

    I have noticed since some time ago that there is always a delayed version with this plugin.
    How to fix this?

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    I just installed nodebb-plugin-sso-auth0 and created an app at Auth0. After successfull login at Auth0, when redirected, i get the following error. No restart or build helped.
    Any suggesstions for the prorblem?


    Internal Error. Oops! Looks like something went wrong! /auth/auth0/callback undefined
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    I should add that I have not touched this plugin in almost a year, it is unlikely to work. Check out nodebb-widget-game-server-query if you are looking for a status widget.

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    I'm only doing this because I am really familiar with their node.js implementation, and even then, I'm still rather lost.

    @bentael Unless you are running on an SSL forum, there is no way to iframe their interface without "warning messages". At least, that was the case last time I tried (last year or so). I'll do some research into it and will include an iFrame if they allow it.

    @BarveyHirdman Currently, there is one limitation, being that you have to manually map the location of the newrelic.js file to the nodebb-plugin-newrelic location. I'm trying to see if I can ship a modified version of New Relic node.js implementation with this, but it has a proprietary license. I'll contact them to see if I can do what I need.

    @planner Graylog2 seems very interesting. However, New Relic is an external service and can measure things such as speed more accurately, not to mention that you don't have to host it (my reasons to use it anyway). I will keep an eye on Graylog2, though.

    Update: Got the outline of the app ready to go. Gonna read up on node.js and javascript in general before I add the finishing details. Expect to be done by the next 2 or 3 weeks.