v0.9.4 to latest version

  • I'm currently on v0.9.4 and want to update to the latest version (v1.0.4-auto.2 as of this writing)

    I'm looking at the docs and it says to use

    $ git fetch    # Grab the latest code from the NodeBB Repository
    $ git checkout v0.4.x    # Type this as-is! Not v0.4.2 or v0.4.3, but "v0.4.x"!
    $ git merge origin/v0.4.x

    To go to v1.0.4 would I just replace 0.4.x with v1.0.x? Do I need to prefix any auto-.x as well? I've had bad experiences updating in the past and don't want to mess up the forum right now!

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    The branch would be weekly to get to v1.0.4-auto.2.
    So just replace v0.4.x with weekly instead and you should be fine.

    However the more-or-less stable branch recommended for production is v1.x.x. You might want to use that instead.

    No need to suffix the auto meta.
    You can view a full list of branches on GitHub. Each of those can be used with the commands you listed.

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    @frissdiegurke I used this script here https://github.com/ahwayakchih/openshift-nodebb to host my forum on openshift. It eases the deployment on openshift. Automatically detect some environment variables and set it into nodebb. That Script only works for 0.9.^ versions. It does not work for v1.0.0 . So i have my forum running fine now. using v0.9.4. I would like to know if i can use the git commands to update my forum and does it work if i do so?

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    @Nisthar I don't see anything within that script that would not be compatible with 1.x.x; Should work, not tested thought.

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    @frissdiegurke No, the project owner mentioned and already tested it, i think

    Please let me know if you tested it.

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