is there an option to change ownership of guest posts?

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  • i know this is a vague question, and one that's probably solved by me re-importing my forum; however, I was wondering if there is a good way for me to claim ownership of the "Guest" posts from nodebb (or changing the database in redis!).

    I recently imported my forum from Discourse and everything works great, and my users have already started using nodebb--i'd hate to have to flush it and re-import it again just so I can re-claim ownership of my posts. None of the other posts have problems, I'm guessing because of my existing admin account.

    I'm willing to mess around with redis and write a script or small java application with jedis (the latter would be easier for me) to circumvent a reset of my forum. However, I am a complete noob with redis 😖

    Can someone lead me on the right track?

  • @_axe Hey there, in what situation do you have guest posts that have user data?

    Can you do a .getObject on one of the posts so we can see what imported data remains?

    Obligatory ping to @bentael

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