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  • Is there a way to get a list of the 10 most recent topics via the forum API?

    I know that you can get the 20 most recent posts with the api/recent method, and the one most recent post for each category with the api/categories method, but these will also include replies to posts.

    How do I get a list of all topics, but only the first post of each topic?

  • If you go into the ACP and change the behaviour of teaser to "first", then the API will return data for the original post only.

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    Seems to be good with 3.2.2 👍


    I'll come back to you here if there are any problems.

  • Api create user

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    I am using nodeBB forum this is :- and I have main dashboard is:- I want to auto login forum if user login I am try session sharing plugin and also use write-api plugin but I am not successfully add this functionality.
    So How can this problem solved please suggest solutions ?

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    I figured it out from going through the code. I guess hidden groups are deliberately not populated in userGroups. Seems like it'd be helpful to have an extra flag for groups that determines whether or not it's selectable as a title aside from hidden (maybe I don't want the group or list of members to be available publicly but still want to use the associated title) but it might be too much of a corner case for me. For now, I've unhidden the groups that I really needed and made sure to disable join requests on them.

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    @pitaj said:

    npm install

    It works now. Thanks a lot for your help. Would have never figured out by myself:)

    Awesome idea with this API btw, i almost gave up because i'm not familiar with nodejs, but when i found this plugin i realised that this is no longer an issue:)

    Great work guys

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    Hmm... there's always /nickserv identify, but I have absolutely zero idea how that even works.

    What if you made your own bot that listened for private messages from users, and verified them? So all I had to do was /yourbot julian hunter2?

    Then your bot would probably communicate with a companion plugin on our end to verify users by username/password... There's a possibly MITM issue present if you don't use HTTPS though... less so if everything is on one machine and you're communicating via localhost connections...