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    As discussed in the issue, we had a bunch of hooks to modify a page on some routes like These were added as required but most pages didn't have a hook so if you needed one you would have to ask us to add it and wait for the next release. With the above change every route has a hook. The hook name is derived from the template name passed to the res.render(template, data); method. For example if your template is named myAwesomePage, you render it with res.render('myAwesomePage', data); and the hook that will be fired is

    Every hook gets 3 parameters {req: req, res: res, templateData: data}, data is the parameter you pass into the res.render method.

    We had a few inconsistencies in the parameters passed to the hook and the hook name below are the changes that needs to be fixed if you have a plugin that is listening to these hooks.

    • is now called filter:group/ as that is the correct name for that template.
    • used to pass in a extra term parameter, this moved into the templateData parameter.
    • this is removed it was deprecated a while ago. Use filter:navigation.available instead.
    • parameters changed, data is no longer passed in use req.query and req.params instead. results is now the templateData parameter.

    Feel free to ask any questions if anything isn't clear.

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