Max allowed file size setting not respected

  • Hi guys,

    Trying to upload 6M file returns: Maximum allowed file size is 4096 kB - please upload a smaller file

    Nginx client_max_body_size 12M;
    NodeBB Maximum File Size: 12288

  • Admin

    You need to increase the limit from the NodeBB ACP as well.

  • Please correct me if i am wrong.. but i think i did..
    unless Maximum File Size in settings > uploads relates to something else?!

  • Admin

    Are you trying to upload a file in a post, or as a profile picture? The latter is a separate ACP setting.

  • Edit: I just tried again, and everything is working as expected. Thx anyway! :)

    The file (mp3) is part of a post, not a profile picture.

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